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Corporate & Commercial Law

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The court judgment in ‘Solomon v. Solomon’ on separate legal entity notwithstanding, Corporate Law is as individual as it is detached in that company effect a wide array of people. From beginning to operation to winding up, the life-cycle of a company is subject to many laws and regulations. Top and best corporate law practice needs high degree of diligence connected with the competence to recognize hidden risks and events. Today world business climate demands that specialized in this field includes mergers and acquisitions, capital markets, environmental laws, franchising, sports and alternate dispute resolution, infrastructure as also common secretarial services or employment and labour laws.

Corporate Law Practice & Legal Consultancy Services

Concept Legal International has a strong Corporate and Commercial Law Practice constructed around mergers & acquisitions, private equity, real estate, regulatory, infrastructure, general corporate and commercial advice and litigation. Professional and established practitioners of Concept Legal International have functional expertise in all forms of these transactions and law including corporate, regulatory hindrances, taxation cases, intellectual property disputes and labour union disputes. The dispute resolution and litigation teams of Concept Legal have solid background in arbitration and mediation and have vast experience in appearing before a array of courts and forums.

The Corporate Law Practice of Concept Legal International is integrated by its terrific Tax and Intellectual Property Practices in Delhi NCR India. Various multi-disciplinary teams of top lawyers exist within the top law firm of Delhi NCR to guarantee that transactions are effective from taxation, structuring and regulatory positions in India.

Corporate and Commercial Law Area of Expertise

1. Mergers and Acquisitions

Over the last ten years, mergers and acquisitions have developed into centre to driving growth of many registered companies in Delhi India. Separate from being a growth choice, Merger and Acquisitions has grant companies to reach a variety of objectives like entry into recent markets, vehicle for capital investments, shielding competition, acquiring intellectual property and lowering tax liabilities.

2. Anti-trust and Competition Law Practice

Anti-trust and competition law practice is very substantial for orderly development of economy in India. With the fast growth of economy and industry, India has legislated a complete competition administration for reducing anti-competitive practices in India. Unlike the former Monopolies and Restrictive Trade Practices law, the recently enacted Competition Law is economy-centered and understands a market-based approach in India.

Arbitration and Dispute Resolution Lawyers & Law Firms

Arbitration and dispute resolution has become important in all commercial attempts across the world. In India, the uncertainty of result of litigation has led to acceptance of arbitration as the first method of dispute resolution. The law and procedures in Arbitration and dispute resolution consequently have developed slowly and firmly, accepting the limits and application of this law in practice is very important.

General Corporate and Commercial Law Practice

The starting and running of, a separate legal corporate entity, need important level of consent with local laws and regulations in India. In order to guarantee whole compliance, registered companies needs fundamental legal services and support in the form of corporate secretarial services in Delhi NCR India, regulatory consultation and conformity, assistance in company law cases, drafting and vetting of agreements, employment and non-disclosure accord and general legal consultancy in Delhi India.

Legal Consultancy to Infrastructure and Project Finance Companies

Infrastructure is one of the most valuable sector recognized as the considerable designer of development in India. There are many infrastructural sectors i.e. Power generation and distribution, Aviation sectors, Ports and shipping, Road and Highways, Railways and Oil & Gas. Each of the above mentioned areas has sustained big reforms as India lifted from a closed and mixed economy to open market economy allowing private and foreign partnership in these areas of infra.

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