IT And Cyber Crimes

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IT And Cyber Crimes


IT Law is a transactional-based practice that undertakes the problems that emerge when companies develop, license, acquire, or sell IT and computer-related merchandise and services. particularly, lawyers in the field of software development and IT we typically advise clients concerning intellectual property, licensing, software, hardware, technology transfer, outsourcing, e-commerce, procurement, consulting services, Internet, telecommunications, joint ventures, and strategic alliances, in each case across a broad range of industries and technologies. Our IT specialized lawyers also give advice to the clients on govt regulations involving information technology, i.e. export compliance for IT based services, data security, and domestic and international privacy rules, instructions, and specifications.

Our information technology clients usually are purchaser and seller of information technology, ranging from start-up undertakings to large MNCs. The IT specialized counsel work with IT firms to construct, draft, and bargain agreements to reach the client’s requirements and accordingly address commercial risk. The contract involves the development, launching for sale and exploitation of IT-based resources and services and are commonly between consumer and IT-based products and services producers.

Drafting IT Master Services Agreements

Our IT expert lawyers help in constructing and negotiating license or purchase agreements for information technology or e-commerce assets a company requires to conducts its business of IT related products, both online and offline. The formulation of agreement deeds may be for a software license, software development agreements between customer and Developer Company, software as a service and cloud computing agreements and deeds, formation of computer equipment purchase deeds and data and content obtaining licenses.

Concept Legal International lawyers for Information Technology issues also help in structuring and bargaining third-party services accord required for the functioning of the company’s IT infrastructure and day to day operations. These agreements may be hosting contract, hardware and software support and maintenance contracts, systems integration contract, consulting services contracts, and outsourcing contracts for a number of internal IT job, it includes data center management services, applications development and maintenance services in Delhi, desktop and device support and services in India and abroad, server management in Delhi NCR, and telecommunications services.

Best Cyber Crime Law Firm in Delhi India

The cyber is the word used when a computer is used in reference to the internet. Cyberlaw is a branch of the law which deals with the affairs of the Internet vis-à-vis to the technological and electronic elements, containing the software and the hardware of the computers.

Internet Crime is committed online by using the Internet with the help of software. Cybercrimes are unauthorized email access, malware sent by email services, phishing attack, Trolling, Fake antivirus, credit card frauds, child pornography, online financial scams. Cybercrime can force the financial destruction and likely threaten a cyber fraud victim’s prestige and personal safety. Cybercrime is a criminal activity where a computer or computer network is used as a weapon, to target unauthorized email access, malware sent by email services, phishing attack, Trolling, Fake antivirus, credit card frauds, child pornography, online financial scams. Thus cybercrime can be divided in two different branches, one of these is where computer is a target and the second one is where the computer is used as a weapon to commit a crime.

Cyber Law Consulting, Advocates & Attorneys

Cyber laws are rules and regulations provided to protect information access, privacy, communication and freedom of speech linked to the Internet, websites, email, computer. Due to technological development across the world, there is a boost in internet traffic which has led to legal disputes being appeared worldwide. Since cyber crime can be committed worldwide by simply sitting in a country. Due to different jurisdictions in each country, the administration of cyber law is a question and the reparation of damages ranges from fines to imprisonment. Cybercrime has exceeds even the illegal drug trafficking crime as every 3 seconds an identity is hijacked.

One of the best ways to acquire knowledge how to avert cybercrime is to check out STOP, THINK, CONNECT. In order to decrease maintain an updated operating system and the software set up must be trusted.

Cybercrime are very difficult to probe and litigate because it mostly crosses the legal jurisdictions and even trespasses the international boundaries. In case of a cyber-attack, Concept Legal International helps the victim of cyber fraud to file a report with the local cyber law enforcement agencies.

Top Cyber Crime Lawyers, Advocates & Legal Advisors in Delhi The Information Technology Act of India has jurisdiction across the world, it means that a complaint can be filed at any cyber cell, irrespective of the location of the cyber fraud or crime.

The Concept Legal International helps the victim of cyber fraud in drafting an application, addressed to the head of a cyber crime cell. In case of Hacking of email, websites or social media accounts, following information is needed:- Server Logs, List of suspects, the related information that has been hijacked, the date and time of the system when it was hacked with, number of computers that have been hacked etc. In case of E-mail hacking or rude and offensive e-mail, following information is needed:- soft copy and hard copy of the offending e-mail.

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