Consequences/impact of Nepotism

Reputation. Respect. Result.

Nepotism is a Latin word and it originated from the Latin word Nepos which means Nephew. The term Nepotism refers to the partiality shown by people in powers towards the relatives or personal friends against the colleagues or deserving applicants. The prejudiced privileges are given upon the relationships and not upon the abilities and talents. It means hiring or promoting a relative or friend by neglecting the qualified candidates. Nepotism means favouring the relatives and creating dissatisfaction among workers.

Consequences/impact of Nepotism

  • It lowers down the morale of the person.
  • The person doesn’t perform diligently due to the lack of the incentives provided
  • It leads the person to feel that the way to promotion is eroded

Nepotism in Bollywood

It has been almost 100 years since Bollywood was built up.In the past few years,Bollywood has made a tremendous change and has taken itself to reach the limit of sky. The fondness of Bollywood movies is rapidly growing across the globe and Nepotism is one of the hot topics of Bollywood from the past 20 years. The term Nepotism is omnipresent and it is disrupting Bollywood by providing negative impacts rather than the positive ones. The famous filmmaker Karan Johar has been accused of creating an environment of Nepotism in Bollywood by the Bollywood actress Kangana Ranaut, she also alleged that Karan Johar has been the root cause of bringing Nepotism in the film industry. The seeds of Nepotism have gradually grown into big trees and first priority is given to the children of the stars and not to the people who are actually very talented. It is not being said that “the star kids are not talented or are not capable,but the chances are initially given to them and then to the rest of the people.” Said Bollywood Actress Huma Qureshi. Tapsee pannu also posted about Nepotism by saying “finally learnt the meaning of the word Nepotism and will now learn how to deal with it.” Which clearly identifies that she has been a victim of Nepotism.

Alia Bhatt in her recent interview said that “it is easy for the star kid to get the very first film but it is impossible for the star child to get films consistently.” Sonam Kapoor when asked in an interview affirmed that “the top heroines of the industry- Deepika Padukon and Priyanka Chopra are not the star kids and aren’t from the industry,and despite of everything they are famous and adored by the people across the globe.”

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